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1. Mr. Ashok Kumar Mehta, Managing Director

Mr. Ashok Kumar Mehta is the Managing Director of our company. He has more than 20 years of vast experience in capital market, investment, administration, financing, management and business exploration matters. His core specialization lies in administration and management. He has been instrumental in formation of our company. Being an early starter he has worked on almost all levels of the organization which helps him understand and handle major functions of our company. Under his dynamic leadership and vast experience, we are able to deliver constant value to our customers time and again. He has been the architect of our company's projects and expansion strategy.

2. Mr. Sunil Tarachand Kala, Director

Mr. Sunil Tarachand Kala is the Non- Executive Independent Director of our company. With 33 years of experience, Mr. Kala came on Director's Board of Fox Software Technologies Limited in the year 2003. He is an engineer by training and also holds Masters Degree in Business Management. He has made immense contribution to our company with his valuable advice and suggestions on the matters relating to Business Growth of the Company.

3. Mr. Manoj Oberoi, Director

Mr. Manoj Oberoi is the Non- Executive Independent Director of our company. He has controlling skills over day to day activities and has got good administrative and management experience.

4. Mr. Rakesh Kapoor, Additional Director

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor is the Non- Executive Independent Director of our company. He holds a graduate degree in Economics from Delhi University, India. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Mr. Kapoor has an extensive background and experience in Finance, Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Planning, Restructuring Operations, International Business Relations, Collaborations and Joint Ventures. Mr. Kapoor joined the Board of Directors of the Company with effect from May 28th, 2014 as an independent director.

5. Mr. Jogeshwar Sharma, Director

Mr. Jogeshwar Sharma has good experience in capital market, investment and administration related matters.

6. Mrs. Aarti Sharma, Woman Director

Mrs. Aarti Sharma is responsible for Overall working of the Company and is instrumental in marketing & strategic decisions of the Company.

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